Organic Jalapeno Chilli plug plants (6, 12 or 18)

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Our easy to grow chilli that will provide an abundance of medium sized high quality hot chilli peppers which ripen from green to a slightly sweeter red. One of the world's most famous chillies perfect with any Mexican dish and popular as a pizza topping. This versatile chilli is great for patios, greenhouses or even a windowsill.

Around 5000 on the Scoville heat scale!

  • Easy to grow
  • Medium sized chillies
  • 5,000 Scoville rating (not too hot!)
  • 100% Certified Organic, in a peat-free Ellepot
  • Grown in the UK

These are certified Organic plants, supplied in peat free, organic Ellepots that can be replanted directly into a larger container.

The Ellepot is fully biodegradable, and the wrapping poses no harm to the environment. The paper pots will decompose in the soil when replanted.