Sweet n Neat (Compact) Scarlet (6, 12 or 18 plug plants)

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The perfect cherry tomato for growing in pots inside or out. Ideal when you are short on space!

Just water well and keep in a sunny spot for masses of sweet little tomatoes all summer.

These plug plants are supplied in Ellepots that can be replanted directly into a larger container.

The  Ellepot is fully biodegradable, and the wrapping poses  no  harm to the  environment. The paper  pots  will  decompose  in the  soil  when  replanted.

  • Versatile fruits can be used in salads or cooked.
  • Prolific fruiting.
  • Suitable for windowsills or gardens.
  • No support needed making them extremely easy to grow.
  • Excellent, sweet flavour.

These plug plants are between 3 and 6cm tall and supplied in biodegradable Ellepots that make replanting easy.